Easy ways to get more views on YouTube

YouTube views

How to Get More Views on YouTube?  So far, I have mainly written about value creation, interaction measurement and video optimization that will increase your social signals.

But, one of the difficult problems (at least initially for almost every video marketer) is to bring an initial amount of surfers to your video and increase the number of YouTube views – now you can learn how to do it right.

Lots of YouTube views = high position
Generally, there is a high correlation between the amount of video views and its position in search results, the problem of course is that the views must be real!

That’s why I really don’t recommend buying views on sites like Fiverr ($ 5 million views), because activity like zero interaction and in extreme cases also affect all your video activity (YouTube / Google can mark you as a problem user).

How to get youtube views?

4 tools to increase YouTube video views (YouTube)
You can use 4 main tools to get more views on YouTube:

YouTube views
YouTube views


Forums – Active forums allow users to ask questions and get answers from community members. Continuous activity in one or two forums in your field of activity will allow you to post links to videos that are relevant to forum members and in this way significantly increase video views.

Social networks

Social networks – Facebook and Google + allow for the creation of interest groups, usually you can find very targeted users (just like forums) who want to open a problem that your video answers. Referring them to a video can increase your views over time.


Sharing – YouTube lets you share your videos on social networks and embed them on your pages as well. If you have a website / blog, you can embed your videos naturally on the content pages.


Links – Links are the basis for ranking videos in Google, the more links you have with the keyword, the higher your video will rank – and vice versa.

In conclusion, at first, I encourage you to try and distribute your videos in as many public places as possible. Once you can accrue 100+ subscribers, you can see that your videos are progressing a lot more “smoothly” as a result of those subscribers spreading you where they’re active.

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